This ministry has been created to encourage and enhance revival outside the walls in every way possible. A wide range of resources are being created including:


1) ROTW Certified Statistics

A wide range of highly credible statistics on most subjects related to faith sharing, based on multiple studies done on each subject presented.

2) Video Inspirations

A host of brief presentations by Barry Meguiar regarding the scriptural mandate, the how-to’s and the blessings related to faith sharing.

3) Faith Sharing Videos

Brief interviews with people from all walks of life who are already in the game, purposely sharing their faith every day and being unbelievably blessed as a result.

4) Testimonial Videos

Christians everywhere are experiencing the blessings and unexpected adventure of making faith sharing their highest priority everyday. Now you can watch stories by video as a role model for others to follow.

5) Video Radio Programs

Exciting 60 second radio programs from all walks of life to spike your interest and enthusiasm for faith sharing.

6) Church Service Videos

High energy videos that excite and motivate apathetic Christians into active ministry outside the walls.

7) Barry Meguiar Speaking Engagements

On a limited basis, Barry Meguiar is available to speak at prayer breakfast’s, conferences, seminars, worship services, etc.

8) Meet Others Just Like Yourself

As this site grows, we will facilitate a social community connecting like-minded people together for emboldened faith sharing team-work.

9) Book Endorsements

A host of Godly Authors are writing inspired books on the subject of “revival outside the walls” which we will recommend for your edification.

10) Ministry Endorsements

We are here to recommend and support every ministry, regardless of title or affiliation, that’s scripturally sound and focused on “revival outside the walls”.