A Call to Ignite Revival Across America
Move Everyone, Every Day,
Closer to Jesus


Our vision to ignite revival across America is inspired by Jesus’ Great Commission commandment “to go and make disciples of all nations.” It is also motivated by our desire to love our neighbor as ourselves. There is no greater act of love than sharing our faith with family, friends, and coworkers so that they have an opportunity to make a faith commitment and have God’s promised joy in this life — and enjoy God’s presence in eternity.

Our vision to ignite revival across America becomes a reality as we continue developing a broad range of resources to reach, inspire and equip Christians to be used by God to help move everyone, every day closer to Jesus and ultimately come to saving faith.

Barry Meguiar standing

My life was changed when I began sharing my faith”

Barry Meguiar, Founder and CEO

In 1973, one man changed my life forever. Ignoring his national prominence, his passion for leading people to the Lord permeated his very existence and his stories were captivating. I immediately wanted to have the joy he had in his life, in my own life.

It was a turning point. As I overcame my fears and shared my faith, I experienced great joy. I also saw God working through me to draw people to Him as I loved on people and prayed for them. God also used me to bring people into the Kingdom.

God put it on my heart to launch Revival Outside the Walls to teach other “people in the pews” what God had been teaching me. As they share their faith, the spark of revival will be ignited and multiplied across America.


Our work is motivated and guided by the Bible which we believe is God’s inspired Word. We affirm the Lausanne Covenant as the guiding principles for our work. View the Lausanne Covenant.

We believe that the Great Commission commandment to make disciples is for every believer (Matthew 28:18-20). We believe that every believer has the ability to be used by God to share their faith in word and in deed. At the appropriate time, there must be a verbal presentation of the Gospel (Romans 10:14).

Evangelism is a team sport (1 Corinthians 3:5-10). We are co-workers in God’s Harvest Field where some plant seeds, some water but it is God that makes them grow. We are called to share the Gospel and leave the results to the Holy Spirit.

As people share their faith, they will grow in their relationship with Jesus and experience the joy and fullness of life promised in John 15:11.


Barry Meguiar
Founder & CEO
Barry is the third generation President of Meguiar’s Car Wax, the top-selling car wax in America and in countries around the world. He’s also the Founder/President of IgniteAmerica, a ministry focused on igniting Christians to IgniteAmerica with Revival, one person at a…
Leslie Kennedy
Executive Director & CFO
Leslie Kennedy acts as both the Executive Director and CFO of Outside the Walls Ministry. Holding a master’s degree in Theology and Leadership from Vanguard University, she brings 25+ years of secular experience as a Vice President of Communications to the organization…
Michael Kennedy
Vice President of Technology & Events
Michael Kennedy combines his talents as the Vice President of Technology & Events for ROTW. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Business, Mike brings his proven management skills and business acumen, combined with over 20 years of experience in the Special Events world…
Katie Pender
Director of Strategic Platforms
As the Director of Strategic Platforms for Revival Outside the Walls and IgniteAmerica, Katie Pender is responsible for planning and executing communications strategies for both social media and website development. Joining the ministry in 2015, Katie has held various positions with increasing responsibilities and…


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