Ignite Your Life Bible Study

Unwavering faith becomes effortless when you live your life for God’s purpose . . . to seek and save the lost! In six lessons, we’ll take you from never sharing your faith to sharing it at every opportunity, discovering what being a Christian is all about!

After meeting in an “upper room,” 120 people added to their numbers daily and turned their world upside down . . . and they did it without churches and Bibles, because people saw God through them and wanted what they had! Jesus said, “They’ll know you’re my disciple by your love,” not by your eloquence or ability to quote scripture or follow a script. It’s not about being gifted or trained, it’s about ‘purpose’. When your priority is to love everyone, every day, into Heaven, everything you celebrate or suffer, and do or say, has the same purpose. . . It’s your reason for living!

Coming soon, in January 2019, the “Ignite Your Life Bible Study” is a free downloadable bible study inclusive of six lessons, one video per lesson, a leader’s guide, a participant’s guide, a daily diary, and practical tips on how to start faith sharing conversations! Transform your bible study and small group into a powerhouse faith-sharing unit within your community, and start living God’s purpose for your life!

Yes, I’m interested! Please contact me when the study is launched.

Lesson 1: There’s No Wiggle Room
Christians have a million excuses for why they don’t share their faith, but that’s all they are . . . excuses! Lesson 1 replaces fear with conviction and the excitement of knowing this Bible Study is going to change your life!

Lesson 2: How Do I Start?
No training required . . . just love on people! Jesus said, “They will know you’re my disciple by your love.” Because Christian’s are not viewed as being loving, simply loving on people gets their attention, moves them closer to Jesus, and opens opportunities for God centered conversations! This is how it begins!

Lesson 3: Sowing Seeds
Always be prepared to give a clear presentation of the hope that’s within you. Almost 90% of those around us are desperate for the hope we have within us. Our responsibility is to display it, with love, in everything we do and say, without time constraints . . . knowing it’s God who reaps the harvest in His timing!

Lesson 4: Identify the Need and Fill It!
This is where the fun begins! It’s amazing how quickly people open up and invite you into their lives when confronted by your love! How quickly you can discern their point of need and how quickly the Holy Spirit will give you the right scriptures and stories to minister to the heart of their need!

Lesson 5: Follow the Holy Spirit’s Lead
Exciting and fun life-changing conversations are never scripted and never cause fear. They just happen! Likewise, every conversation with an unbeliever is fun and life-changing when you allow the Holy Spirit to tell you what to say when you’re saying it. This puts your relationship with God on steroids, as praying without ceasing becomes automatic!

Lesson 6: What’s in it For You?
Purpose!!! Recognizing that everything you say and do moves everyone watching you closer or further away from God gives:

  1. Purpose to everything you say and do
  2. Purpose in your prayer life and Bible study as your prayer list and your need for scriptural answers to questions being asked explodes
  3. Purpose for taking notes on every sermon you hear
  4. God’s joy remains with you and your joy will be full every day, as your bear fruit
    And best of all . . .
  5. You can live a fearless life enjoying God’s promise (Romans 8:28) to make everything in your life work for good, because you’re now living your life for His purpose . . . to seek and save the lost!