Partnering with Pastors

To Rid Your Church of Apathy!

Statistics tell us that most pastors have considered quitting the ministry during the last 12 months, due to the apathy of the people in their pews. They also report that less than 2% of all regular church attenders invited a single person to church during this same period.

Christian's who are vibrant in their faith sharing between Sundays, enter His Gates with thanksgiving and praise on Sunday mornings. They're on a mission to worship God and to glean His Word in preparation for their next encounters . . . as an extension of your ministry outside the walls of your church.

As a non-clergy, lay lead ministry wholly focused on faith sharing, ROTW is intended to be your best tool for mobilizing your people into full-time ministry with:

  • Immediately Applicable How-To's
  • Networking Within Peer Groups
  • Constant Support & Encouragement
  • Shared Experiences
  • A New World of Eternal Friendships

Lay people leading lay people to join with their pastors in ministry is a powerful tool . . . available to you with no strings attached.