A Message from Barry

Revival Outside the Walls. A ministry of Barry Meguiar

In 1973, one man changed my life forever.  Ignoring his national prominence, his passion for leading people to the Lord permeated his very existence and his stories were captivating.  I immediately wanted to have the joy he had in his life, in my own life.

In 1976, after 3 years of exciting faith sharing, I prayed the most fervent prayer of my life.  I asked God if He wanted me to go into full time ministry. Less than 20 minutes later, the Spirit of the Lord led a man I didn’t know into my office with the message: “Your business is your pulpit”. I never questioned God’s purpose for my life again.

In 2000, 24 years later, the same man returned to tell me that God was going to enlarge my territory and give me a Ministry to teach others how to share their faith…outside the walls.  This is the ministry that God has given me.